About Kids Cove

Our Mission

“To provide our children with the Highest level of Care, Learning and Development”

Dear Parents,

We welcome you to Kids Cove — a place where LOVE, LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT is always happening.
Driven by our zeal to provide excellence in early learning, we have a team of passionate and dedicated professional teachers who are friendly, fun and exciting individuals.

Our philosophy is to uphold the uniqueness of each child and through child led and teacher supported programmes, encourage children to be socially competent, whilst at the same time recognise and enjoy their individuality as a gift.
We view ourselves as co – learners and reflective researchers who actively listen and provoke intellectual dialogue alongside children.

To provide the best in what we do, we encourage parental participation in day to day care and in learning activities of our children. We have an open door policy where you are welcome to discuss and provide your valuable feedback to us. We encourage you to come and meet our staff any time and also participate in the learning activities of your child – do a story book reading or a paint session and come share lunch with your child.

At Kids Cove our environments are designed and categorised into three ages. The infants (3mth – 2yrs), toddlers (2yrs – 3yrs) and preschool children 3yrs plus. With energy, storytelling and self-discovery, being the programme mediums used to encourage learning and development in respective age groups.
Within our educational environments children actively engage in authentic meaningful learning experiences that evoke wonder, joy and a genuine love for life-long learning.

We welcome you to come visit us and see for yourself the rich and supportive environment we have to offer.


Jassu Gill
(Centre Director)

Te Whâriki

We incorporate Te Whâriki that states “Children should grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit. Secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society.” Our curriculum is based on goals and learning outcomes that is directed from the interests, learning and development of each child.

Te Whâriki is a Maori term meaning “the woven mat”. It refers to the principles and strands of early learning being woven together.

The four principles are:

  • empowerment
  • holistic development
  • family and community
  • relationships

The five strands are:

  • well-being
  • belonging
  • contribution
  • communication
  • exploration

We also strongly believe in parent’s participation in the care and learning of children, thus we have an open door policy for our parents to come in to discuss or participate in the activities at the centre.

To keep our children in touch with the community and extend their knowledge, experience and provide stimulation for their creativity, we organise for learning and fun trips to outside facilities.

At Kids Cove children learn, develop in their character and understand love as being socially competent.

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