Age Groups

At Kids Cove, in order to provide customised care and development of each child, children are grouped into the following approximate age ranges.

Age 6wk – 2yrs:  Nursery and Toddlers Program.  (Energy)
At Kids Cove we understand that at this age, children are most sensitive to energy and to instil a sense of love, calmness and safety, we create environments and our educators use the language of feeling to interact with our toddlers.

Age 2-3yrs:  Junior Pre-School Program.  (Story Tellers) 

Loaded with a sense of awe and fascination, children at this age are most attracted to stories and role plays and at Kids Cove, for our Junior Pre-Schoolers, we encourage learning and discovery through this medium, providing environments and learning programmes that gently provoke children to dream, weave and float in their imaginations.

Age 3-5yrs:  Pre-Schoolers Program.  (Discoverers) 

So keen to know the why and how of their surroundings; to satisfy this curiosity in our Pre-Schoolers, encouraging them further in their unique gifts and self-confidence, preparing them with their move into primary schools.  At Kids Cove, the learning programmes and environments are now based on project works and self-analysis of topics and games.


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