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We welcome you to Kids Cove Albany Infants & Toddlers

This amazing facility is part of the larger complex which has Kids Cove Pre-school as the other wing, both units, situated on sprawling one acre land with 60 car parks to make drop-off and pickup easy for our parents and with the best possible facilities providing the most in security, comfort and appropriate environments for the learning of our children.

Infants & Toddlers

Albany Infants and Toddlers is a brand new child care with five rooms specifically created to meet every need of our children in the age group of 3 months and under 3 years of age. Dedicated sleep rooms with one sleep cot for every child, kitchenettes in every room, underfloor heating, furnishings and outdoor play areas that provide our young ones with all opportunities to learn and grow and yet be safe and comfortable.

With child to teacher ratios of 1:4 and with 80% + qualified staff.

Albany childcare for infant


Our rooms; Energy, Feelers & Star-Eyed, all cater for children from 3 months – 2 years

Albany childcare for toddler


Kids Cove Albany childcare for 3 mos to 2 years

Star Eyed

Kids Cove Albany Childcare for Toddler


2 years to 3 years

The Team

Led by Kath, the site manager, our teaching staff at Kids Cove Infants & Toddlers is a friendly team of passionate teachers with a special love place in their hearts — to care for and participate in the play/learning of young children.

Since we Know that at this young age, children mostly communicate with feelings, thus to instil a sense of safety, cosiness and calmness, we at Kids Cove Infants & Toddlers use the language our babies best understand – the language of love energy.

As we also appreciate, how it can be difficult for parents to leave such young children in outside care – we thus use open, free and truthful communication to build trust and strong bonds with our families.


Kids Cove Albany Childcare Team
Healthy Food in Kids Cove
Albany Childcare's Healthy Food

Meals That Follow Healthy Heart Foundation Guidelines

In addition to kitchenettes in every room that carter to individual needs of our children, we have an in house dedicated Kitchen run by professional chef, providing meals that follow Healthy Heart Foundation Guidelines:

–          Our 4-week cyclic menu is committed to bringing nutritious meals, providing freshly made food. Giving a variety of colours, shapes and flavours.

–          We aim to reduce the refined sugar intake using natural sweeteners from different fruits.

–          We use a core ingredient list suggested by the Healthy Heart Foundation.

–          Our meals are low in sodium and low in trans fats.

 If your child has a specific dietary requirement please inform the Centre prior to enrolment so we can provide suitable meals for your child.

If your child is on breast milk or formula, this needs to be provided to the Centre with instructions.

A Flexible Fee Structure

Now open and taking new enrolments.

Also, at Kids Cove Albany, to meet the needs of our parents, we run many programmes that include, besides full days, other options of short days and sessions.

Our fees structures also vary to reflect the flexibility of our various programmes and provide our parent’s, the fees options, based on the time a child is enrolled for.

For more details and further information please do contact us.

An Easily Accessible Location

Situated in the heart of the Albany business district of Orchard Park, Kids Cove Albany Infants & toddlers is easily accessible from 2 Oracle Drive with plenty of free parking. 

Contact Albany Team

Phone: 09 974 9806

Monday to Friday | 7.00am to 6.00pm

2 Oracle Drive
Auckland 0632

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