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Good Evening Sharn: Ethan is one of the first group of kids who joined Kids Cove when Albany branch newly opened last Sept. My husband and I went to visit the site on the same day but separately. After visiting the stunning new site, we decided to transfer Ethan to this Daycare.

What made us choose this branch:
Firstly, the inside of the daycare is very bright, sunlight come through the big windows easily and the wooden building materials make us feel cozy. Secondly, your branch has so many educational toys, such as kitchen setting, letter puzzles, fire engine costume, and lots of books for teachers to read to the kids, etc. Thirdly, the safety play yard provides kids with a secure outside environment.
Finally, and also the most important reason is your friendly teachers. On my first visiting day, I was introduced to the teachers by Sharn: they are Donna, Gemma, Claire, and Kylie. By talking to them made me feel very welcomed. The fact is all the teachers are very very friendly. Whatever dropping off or Picking up, I’d love to talk to the duty teachers. Thank you Albany Kids Cove, Ethan makes lots of friends there and learns so much more knowledge everyday. We believe that we made a right decision for Ethan. Kind Regards.

Paul & Lynn

Today is Afia’s last day at Kids Cove. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff at Kids Cove for doing a wonderful job of imparting early childhood education to Afia. It has been more than 3 years since we enrolled Afia into Kids Cove. Over the entire period we have seen many positive changes in Afia, her confidence has improved– its been amazing. It has been made possible by the efforts and care offered by the staff at Kids Cove. Thanks to you she is confident and eagerly looks forward to going to the primary school. Keep up the good work and thank you once again.

Tasneem and Hafeez Naushad

Would like to convey special thanks to teachers Rachel and Phillipa for always loving and caring for our Luke. We really feel welcome and that he is happy at Kidscove. Their care and attention is honestly appreciated and rare


My husband and I want to thank Kidscove New Market for their wonderful, safe care of our children. From day one, we felt peaceful leaving Ems and Luke with you all. The baby’s room, in particular, is super amazing. Philippa, Rachel and Kim are extraordinary in their love for the kids. They go the extra mile, and more. Luke was truly blessed to have these ladies in his life. Shewta and Amanda also always strive to make the kindy a fun place to be. Thank you for your dedication!

Jody Boshoff

I want to say how happy with have been with Kidscove in taking very good care of Copper since he was 11 months old. He has really enjoyed his time there and has learned so many wonderful things and has experienced lots of different things thanks to the teachers there. We will miss the team at Kidscove. Thank you. Regards

Cristy & Andrew Kennedy

Charlie has had a wonderful just over 4 years at kids cove, his years here have ensured he is ready for school, as a parent I have always been very comfortable leaving him in such good hands. Thank you very much for everything that the team has done over this time. It seems like yesterday he was just learning to sit up in the baby room!!


I’m Zachary Xu’s (from pre school) mum. I’m writing to notify you that Zachary’s last day is 23rd of December 2016. We are going on a family trip to China for three months for Chinese New Year. Zachary has already enrolled with Parnell primary school next year. Therefore when We come back in April next year we might come back to you for preschool part-timely as the primary school allows early attending. My husband and I are very appreciated the KidsCove and all teachers give great caring to Zachary and encouraging his learning. In the last three years, Zachary has become a very confident boy with good behaviour and good learning skills. He enjoyed every his learning stage at KidsCove and he loves everyone at KidsCove. We believe the last three years will be a very memorable time in his childhood. We know it will be very sad for him to say ” goodbye ” to everyone however We believe this is the happy ending we all expected after a child’s first learning stage. In the end we would like to thank all of you again for your great work and your love that you gave to Zachary. We wish all of you the best !

Yu Peng Xu and Chen Gao and Zachary Xu

As you may already know that due to my wife getting a new job at St lukes, we will have to end the membership with kidscove. Her last day will be 24th Feb 2017. I have to say am very sad as this is by far the best. My baby has grown so much and has been happier than ever I have seen. You guys are just too good and you deserve all the love you can get. We only want to cancel due to my wife’s job


Amazing place and Lovely people.

Shahrzad Maghazeh

Casey B from the feelers room is not only a lovely person but a wonderful teacher. She listened very carefully to the details regarding my daughter’s health condition.  

On Friday (Maia’s 3rd day with you) Casey identified that Maia had a temperature, wasn’t acting herself and was quite grisly. I was contacted and informed and advised I would come and get Maia. 

 Unfortunately, Maia has another UTI which requires 7 days of antibiotics (which I will inform Casey of on Wednesday). 

 Maia can get very sick very quickly, because Casey acted so fast and took her symptoms seriously, Maia is on the mend and it was caught before it became very serious. 

 As a first-time mom leaving her world somewhere new this makes me feel so at ease. 

 I am so happy with the experience I have had so far and how amazing Casey is. 

 Many thanks, 


Maia’s mom 

(Parent Kids Cove Infant & Toddlers)


Parent (Kids Cove Infant & Toddlers)

My grandson has attended the Newmarket Kids Cove Early Learning Centre for the past 2+ years, and he loves being at Kids Cove. Kids Cove Early Learning Centre (Newmarket) is an extraordinary child care facility, and I would recommend it without hesitation or qualification. The Newmarket location is super convenient, located as it is just off of Broadway on Morrow Street. The centre has dedicated drop-off/pick-up parking in a Wilson’s Parking structure with an entrance to the centre adjacent to the parking area. This arrangement makes drop-off and pick-up quite easy and safe. The facility is delightful, with ample classroom space and play areas, including an open play area for children to use in good weather. The food is thoughtfully prepared and highly nutritious and wholesome. Breakfast and lunch options are offered. The administrative and childcare staff are exceptionally competent, considerate and professional. They treat my grandson with profound respect and abiding love. In addition, they have been very attentive to my suggestions and concerns. One could not find a better team to care for one’s child. ————————–

Nga Mihi Nui,

Richard Greissman Iam’s grandfather


Parent (Kids Cove Newmarket)

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