Protected Child Page for Parent 1

can only be viewed by logged in parents for this child once parents have been added to their group under “customer” tab. You’ll need to create a family group for each family so that they have access to all their children’s pages, then set the access control for each child’s page for that specific group. So each family will be in their own group and only that group can view the page – you have to do it this way because you cannot set access based only on username, but using the groups gets around this.

could also do a page with links to each child so that all logged-in members could see the page with the list of names, but not the general public. then all of the individual pages could then be access- controlled from there – maybe better? I can’t block the names of the pages (which would be children’s names) from displaying in the menu, unless I hide them and link to them from a text link on a page.

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